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Wide Receiver Value 2019

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, thank you so much for the response on the Running Back Value article! The article became one of my most read ones in the last three months after just 2 days. It is incredible to see something I put this much effort into be valued by y'all. I always appreciate when I can help You win at fantasy and I am truly grateful that you chose my content to lead you to victory!

Don't forget to head over to the Fantasy Snapshot Page and get your access code before you start drafting! The last players are being uploaded in this week with updates starting to role in next week.

As with the Running Backs, we need to start by defining Value. For the Wide Receivers I value different stats differently depending on which round I am drafting in. This means that a guy that has an ADP that places him in the 5th round will be evaluated differently than a guy in the 1st round.

The numbers and stats I use to set my draft board is the one game floor and one game ceiling. A quick explanation of the numbers is that the floor is the least amount of points I expect from a player on any given day, this number has a 16% chance of not being reached. The ceiling is the most points I expect, this number has a 16% risk of not being reached.

In rounds 1-4 I like to draft safe players with a high floor but that does not mean that I don't take the ceiling into consideration. I just value the floor higher and I have quantified that value a 20% increase for the floor. A quick example, Player X has a floor of 1 and ceiling of 2. In rounds 1-4 he gets 3.2 Draft Points, 2 from his ceiling and 1.2 from his floor. If the floor was 2 he would have had 4.4 Draft Points.

In rounds 5-6 I just want the best overall player, I don't value the floor or ceiling higher than the other so nothing to calculate here. A 1 point floor and 2 point ceiling equals 3 Draft Points.

In rounds 7 and beyond I value the ceiling more than the floor. I want players that have shown that they have the ability to score a ton of points in one game because that means that they can do it again and maybe on a more consistent basis. Here the ceiling is bumped up with 20% instead of the floor. Let's dig in!

There we go, the most valuable Wide Receiver in rounds 1-19 and beyond based on the information provided in all the Wide Receiver rankings that you also can find here! - Floor Rankings - Ceiling Rankings

I decided to showcase the Wide Receiver position deeper than the Running Back position. There are just far more interesting Wide Receivers later on in drafts as Running Backs go more and more towards 1-2 guys per round, Wide Receivers have at least four per round.

I would love to draft a bunch of the late round guys on this list and then stream them at a flex position. There is plenty of weekly value to be had even if the seasonal value is lower. A guy like Randall Cobb can easily have a week or two where he gains 12 points for the Cowboys.

This is of course only the most valuable Wide Receiver in each round and does not help you to get the second or third guy but don't you worry! If you click this link I have the complete list of Wide Receiver that go in rounds 1-20 with their floor, ceiling and Draft Points!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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