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Waiver Wire & Week 10 Statistics Analysis

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, Waiver Wire is back and I got some amazing and some really suspect additions for you to pick up this week. With four new teams on BYE week in Week 11 and a ton of injuries some positions are running low and I had to dig deep to find a few of these guys.

I am planning on having Playoff numbers for you next week so you can have the best lineup going into Weeks 14-16 with really good matchups for your players so be sure to check that out. And as we inch closer to the end of the season and with NFL playoffs I move the content over to be more DFS oriented.

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Ownership percentage is pretty low in the first group which and that is not question why, these players are risky as crap. Derek Carr is not a guy that I am excited to play on any week even when he has the best matchup in the entire NFL. But, with Brissett potentially out he is my last resort in some leagues. People have stocked up on viable Quarterbacks Minshew, Mayfield and Trubisky all look bleak in Week 11 for me.

Brian Hill is a guy that I actually just put in a waiver claim for before I started writing this article. I am lacking RB depth on a team and with Devonta Freeman going out hill got 20 carries. With a great matchup against the Carolina Panthers in Week 11 I am willing to gamble on him even if the Risk is insane!

DeVante Parker is not a favorite of mine but Sanders went down, Thielen is potentially out, Green is not coming back and the list goes on. If you are struggling to find a WR3 in a deeper league Parker and Crowder are alternatives that you can still find on the Waiver Wire. Parker doesn't really have competition for targets on the Dolphins and Crowder continues to be a favorite of Darnold making him a great option for PPR. With Darnold at Quarterback he's averaged 6.7 receptions per game, a very nice floor for a WR3.

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Tyrell Williams might not have had the best two weeks but against Cincinnati at home I have him for 7.8 with almost no Risk involved. The Floor is stable so you don't have to worry about a dud and the Ceiling might not be the highest but it is still far from low. You might struggle to find him as he's owned in over half of leagues right now, and that is a common trend for this group.

Marquise Brown doesn't have a same Floor or a massive Projection but what he does have is a good matchup and a fantastic Ceiling. Hollywood plays the Houston Texans in Week 11 and even though he's owned in 60% of leagues, if he's out there and you need a Boom or Bust player to get you a win to better your chances of getting you into the playoffs he's a great risk to take.

O.J. Howard is back with a big game and as the Tight End position is so slim right now the options are terrible. Darren Fells and Howard are the only options out there worth a dime. I picked up Howard last week over Hockenson and even with Hockenson's matchup against the Cowboys and potentially with Stafford I still prefer Howard as the better option moving forward.

Statistical Summary

I made 299 Projections with Probabilities for Week 10.

I measure with 30% accuracy, meaning if a player scored over his projection but the probability was 30% or below I failed or if a player had 70% probability but scored below his projection I also failed.

Out of the 299 Projections and Probabilities I had 226 Correct and 73 Incorrect. That means that 76% of all the numbers I provided gave You a good opportunity to plan your fantasy lineup for Week 10.

We are still 1% below the average from last year with a 2019 average of 74%. I am working hard to bump this up as I refuse to go backwards!

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