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Tight End Floor Rankings

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Today I am looking at the safest Tight Ends in the league. I usually say this is not an end all be all list but for Tight Ends there is very little competition and if you are getting one to start every game for you, this is the list you want to look at. The Ceiling Rankings next week will be more for DFS and streaming situations.

One Game Floor: New for this year is a tweaked Floor and Ceiling formula so if you are unfamiliar with the new formula please head over to the Quarterback Rankings and check out the first couple of paragraphs where I explain it all. In case you are fully aware, stay here. Let's dig in!

Chris Herndon sneaks into my top 15 this year. His overall adp is right now 145. That is nothing for a guy that potentially can start for you week in and week out in a 12 team league. Sure, he is actually outside the top 12 but still, I said potentially. There are 15 Tight Ends going before him right now in re-draft and I can't agree with that at all. There is tremendous value in Herndon compared to someone like Vance McDonald.

McDonald is going 81st overall right now and that is insane! 15th highest Floor should never be drafted that high. I know this is because he has Roethlisberger throwing him the ball but that combo has never been that great. I just don't see the value in spending that high of a pick on a guy that you are gambling on. I can freaking get Drew Brees at that spot, not that I will be spending that pick on Brees, but still.

Olsen has been declining but he's still fringe top 10 for safety for me. His targets are going down but with a healthy Newton he will still see enough week in and week out to nudge some other Tight Ends off this list. That is just what guys like him and Jason Witten has done, they don't necessarily destroy the league but they get a catch or two each week making them valuable in a seasonal fantasy league where you don't want to carry more than one Tight End.

Jack Doyle is almost in the same boat as Herndon. You don't have to pay anything to get him on your team but there is safety in drafting them. I don't mind having Ebron and Doyle eating into each others production as long as I know that that will happen. We can sit here and assume that a healthy Doyle will be gang busters and take all of Ebron's targets or we can get Doyle for the 207th pick overall and hope that he will get us a couple of points each week compared to drafting Kyle Rudolph at 141st and hoping and getting a bit less on a majority of weeks.

After all my articles through the years talking about Eric Ebron, I just saw his name here on this list and felt, not again, you won't get me this time. If you have followed me for a while you know that I have had a difficult time trusting Ebron after he posted a half season Floor that was amazing a few years back. That half season Floor ended up being a mirage and he imploded. Now he's posting this high Floor again but I am not falling for it this time. Do your best Eric, I am not drafting you, especially not at 65th overall!

O.J. Howard's adp is 50th overall right now and I am crying my eyes out. I really wanted to get him on my team for 2019 as I believe that he will take another step forward in his Floor. He has lost competition in the receiving corps and got another year under his belt. But, with a price this high I can't justify drafting him, I can get Evan Engram 10 picks later and he has a higher Floor even if Howard has a higher Ceiling (tease).

Hunter Henry is back! Tyler Eifert is also back! Side note, I love George Kittle too, his Receiving Trends are really interesting and I can't wait to post that Fantasy Snapshot in the Bundle in a few weeks.

However, I do want to focus on Hunter Henry. 62nd overall right now is a bit pricey but what you can see is that there is a pretty big gap between Henry and the other two. Henry is the first guy in the second tier of high Floor Tight Ends. Anything after Henry and you loose a ton of value. That extra point on the bad weeks can end up winning you 2-3 games a year, especially in really competitive leagues where the point differential between winning and losing is very small.

Another side note, Tyler Eifert is going 196 overall, I will most likely pick him up as a second Tight End on a bunch of teams just for the chance that he still is that 1.9 Floor guy. Dalton and him has always had a good connection when he's stayed healthy. If I can get Eifter and hope he's great again and Herndon as my other Tight End, I will have spent next to nothing on the position and will be very comfortable my choices.

Travis Kelce is the first Tight End in three years to top this list not named Rob Gronkowski. Even with all his injuries he was still always the guy with the highest Floor. Now Kelce is without a doubt my highest ranked Tight End, and it is not even close. I feel like a don't need to talk too much about him as his 4.1 speaks for itself, it is 1.3 higher than the second guy on this list, that is an incredibly high number when the margins are this small.

Evan Engram has not gotten enough attention and respect from me if I'm truthful. He has posted some really good numbers and I think I don't focus on him enough due to his Quarterback, previous Wide Receiver and Running Back. There has been so much else to talk about with the Giants that he's kinda falling through the cracks. Well that changes with this article. I am very excited to draft Engram for 2019! You can get him at 60th overall right now which is not a bad price for my 4th highest ranked Tight End. I say 4th because I will still at the end of the day have Kittle at 3rd even with the lower Floor.

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