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Running Back Floor Rankings 30-16

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Today I will be looking at the Running Backs with the highest one game Floor. These are the backs that rank 30-16 so the numbers won't be extremely high but it will help you to figure out who you are ranking way above what you should and who might be a sneaky good pick as an RB2 later on in the draft.

One Game Floor: New for this year is a tweaked Floor and Ceiling formula so if you are unfamiliar with the new formula please head over to the Quarterback Rankings and check out the first couple of paragraphs where I explain it all. In case you are fully aware, stay here. Let's dig in!

Tarik Cohen and Marlon Mack both are in good situations but have not showed that they have stable Floors to be main guys on a fantasy team. I even would be scared to have them as my go to RB2. They have a lot of upside but are also on teams that have other things going for them. The Colts focus on the passing game and the Bears spread it out to a lot of guys.

I still like both of them very much but mainly for the potential touches they will get and not as much as feeling secure in getting a lot of points even on their bad weeks.

I am very disappointed that Carlos Hyde is this low but it does make sense seeing as where he's been in Cleveland and Jacksonville. He wasn't the main guy and that lowered his Floor down to Austin Ekeler and Royce Freeman range, guys that have other backs ahead of them. I am excited about Hyde anyway but based on other reasons, check out my Scheme Fit Video for more thoughts on him!

I like Austin Ekeler and Royce Freeman as Flex players. I will never draft them to be someone I have to trust on a weekly basis, but they do have a decent Floor for guys you just put in for match-ups, BYE weeks or injury situation.

Seeing LeSean McCoys fall from grace is quite saddening. He was my my best pick a few years ago when he fell to the third round and people were down on him. My Floor rankings told me that he still was a great pick and I went with him, now that looks to be the total opposite. The Floor rankings tell me to stay away, he's going 82nd overall right now which is not too bad but I much rather have Carlos Hyde or David Montgomery that go way later.

I try to stay away from New England Running Backs and James White again shows why. He was a terrific Running Back last year for fantasy, for a while. Then Sony Michel took over and this is what the Patriots do to you, they show you something and you think you have their go to guy and then they change it up. If White would have been the lead guy for the entire season his Floor would have at least been 4-5 points, but instead it is at 2.8, not high enough for a 54th overall pick in my book as I can get four of the six remaining players on this list later than that.

I have so many thoughts on Jordan Howard and Mark Ingram that I have created Scheme Fit Videos for both of them. Check out all my thoughts on Ingram here and Howard here. But, what I will say here is that I love Mark Ingram and he joins the Fantasy Snapshot Bundle tonight as well, and I dislike Jordan Howard a lot!

I feel the same about Sony Michel as I do with James White. I really wish he was on another team, he showed even more scoring stability than White even with being on that team. However, he does have a very small sample size and you will have to spend a fourth round pick on him in a ten or twelve team league, which is to me too high for a Patriots Running Back. I'll rather have Chris Carson or Kerryon Johnson in that range.

This is going to sound weird but, I rather draft Lamar Miller over Tevin Coleman and Dalvin Cook. This has nothing to do with quality of the player but with value at their ADP. Lamar Miller and Tevin Coleman are being drafted right next to each other at 67th and 69th overall right now while Cook goes 19th overall. I don't want to spend that high of a pick on Cook as he has not showed me that he's capable of continually put up safe points.

I am not saying that Cook won't be a good fantasy Running Back, but with a pick that high I want a guy that gets me a good bit of points even on a bad week and for me, Cook is just not that guy. His team struggled with the Running Game, have a good passing offense with ton of talent and lastly, Cook has had health problems. All this makes me rather skip Cook, draft someone else or wait and get a safer pick in Lamar Miller.

Coleman is back with Shanahan, that is good but that backfield is so crowded and I will try to stay away from it as much as possible until we know more of who will have the majority of carries. If I am stacked at Running Back I might pick up him up if he falls just to gamble on him being the guy in San Francisco, otherwise the 49ers backs will most likely not be on my team at the start of the fantasy season.

So, you want to win at fantasy football? The key is to know more than your friends and family and this is the right place for it. For an even larger knowledge gap head over to the Fantasy Snapshot Bundle. You'll get video breakdowns of more than 100 players to help you conquer the draft season with ease. We now have an Early Bird Special so be sure to click the link today! -> 2019 Fantasy Snapshot Bundle

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