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Quarterback Value 2019

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As with the Running Backs and Wide Receivers, we need to start by defining Value. For the Quarterbacks I value don't value the Floor and Ceiling stats differently depending on the round. For Quarterbacks it is all about the Floor, so in all rounds I have quantified that value a 20% increase for the floor.

A quick example, Player X has a floor of 1 and ceiling of 2. He gets 3.2 Draft Points, 2 from his ceiling and 1.2 from his floor. If the floor was 2 he would have had 4.4 Draft Points. This is opposite from Wide Receivers where they value changes depending on the round, but I just care about a safe Floor, Quarterbacks have enough upside, I just never want them to be the reason I don't win on any given week. Let's dig in!

There we go, the most valuable Quarterbacks in rounds 2-13 and beyond based on the information provided in all the Quarterback rankings that you also can find here! - Floor Rankings

- Ceiling Rankings

What makes the Quarterback position stick out way more than the Wide Receiver and Running Back is that there are far fewer ones making someone like Mitch Trubisky being the most valuable Quarterback in round 11.

You can clearly see from the Draft Points that I don't actually value Trubisky over Cousins or Josh Allen but due to him being the only Quarterback going in round 11 he automatically becomes the most valuable one there. As I have said in previous articles, check the full rankings to easier determine when to go for your Quarterback, and check out my Draft Guide series on the YouTube channel where I go more in depth regarding this.

I have been banging on the drum for Deshaun Watson this entire off-season saying he is the only Quarterback that I am willing to draft before round 9 but now, he's going in the fourth! That means that you can even wait to the fifth and pick up Aaron Rodgers and get better value in my opinion. It is crazy how much ADPs change this close to drafts and how certain guys just take off.

I really love the idea of waiting on a Quarterback all the way to the 12th round and picking up Kirk Cousins. I believe in him a lot this year and what you are paying for is in line with 8th round Quarterbacks, that is a ton of value late in drafts and will help you gather talent at other positions early on.

This is of course only the most valuable Quarterback in each round and does not help you to get the second or third guy but don't you worry! If you click this link I have the complete list of Quarterbacks!

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