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Quarterback ROS Rankings & Week 9 Statistics Analysis

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, today I am looking at the best Quarterbacks to own moving forward. I got some big names not making the top 8 and some surprises higher up in the rankings. Just as with Running Backs and Wide Receivers I have taken their Floor, Ceiling and Schedule into account to see who you want starting week and week out for the rest of the season.

Just last like week there will be no Waiver Wire targets as that part will take a break for two weeks to focus on the ROS Rankings butnext week we are back again before heading into the Playoffs and more numbers catered towards getting the absolute best lineup for those games.

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Aaron Rodgers has come back to life over the last weeks but I still could not put him in the top 8. His Floor is not on the same level as most of the guys on this list and with one of the absolute worst schedules for a Quarterback moving forward he should be happy with 9th.

Brady is somewhat in the same boat. Minshew gets to be above him with the help of a fantastic schedule even with lower Floor and Ceiling. If you have a bad schedule that will heavily impact your rank on this list unless your numbers are fantastic, foreshadowing.

Kyler Murray has a difficult schedule but has shown that he can score fantasy points against almost any team. This is key for him and with a higher Floor and Ceiling than Brissett he still is my favorite of the two even with Brissett's favorable schedule, we also have to see how his leg looks of course.

Kirk Cousins has average number with an average schedule, same with Carson Wentz and low key Philip Rivers. I can't get excited for either of these guys if I am going fighting for playoff spot. If I am set on all other positions these guys won't kill my team but they won't carry me all the way to glory by themselves.

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Lamar Jackson is a phenomenal fantasy Quarterback, not just cause he runs but the way he runs. He keeps drives alive giving himself more opportunities to score more fantasy points. I can't give him enough praise as a fantasy Quarterback right now with the highest Floor and third highest Ceiling with a great schedule you can't go wrong with him.

Watson and Wilson have higher Ceilings than Jackson but has not had the same level of safety week in and week out. All three of them have below average schedules moving forward but have put up enough points to warrant them being at the top of this list easily. I still have Wilson as my MVP even if Jackson is my highest ranked Fantasy QB.

Dak Prescott sneaks in at four even with the fourth worst schedule for Quarterbacks. All the talk around the Cowboys is as always what their record is and not if their Quarterback is producing points for fantasy teams, which he does! Dak’s numbers can even match against Mahomes without his injury and you can be confident in start Prescott over Mahomes on any given week even when he gets back

I will admit that I was wrong about Matthew Stafford going into the season. He is biggest mistake draft wise, I told people to skip him but he has proven me wrong and I am man enough to give praise where praise is due. Matt Ryan on the other hand is almost exactly where I though he would be. He has great numbers even when his team is terrible and when he comes back from injury I expect him to put up the same numbers.

Winston is not the safest and has not the highest Ceiling but he does have a fantastic schedule where you will be able to start him and feel really good about it in almost every game coming up, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit are all great opponents for Quarterback in fantasy, giving up 5th, 3rd and 8th most points to the position right now.

Statistical Summary

I made 345 Projections with Probabilities for Week 9.

I measure with 30% accuracy, meaning if a player scored over his projection but the probability was 30% or below I failed or if a player had 70% probability but scored below his projection I also failed.

Out of the 345 Projections and Probabilities I had 250 Correct and 95 Incorrect. That means that 72% of all the numbers I provided gave You a good opportunity to plan your fantasy lineup for Week 8.

We are just 1% below the average from last year with a 2019 average of 74%. I am working hard to bump this up as I refuse to go backwards!

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