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Off-season 2020

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, another season in the books and we have a new Super Bowl championship team in the Kansas City Chiefs, which for a neutral observer was a great thing! Now all we can do is wait for the next season to start. Well, that's not true is it? There is so much we can do to prepare for next year. We will evaluate this year that has been, analyze how the new super stars got to where they are, how the new free agents will fit with their new teams and much much more! Let's dig in!

Looking back at the numbers for the season I have some rather sad news, I did roughly 1% worse than last year with my accuracy, getting a 73% average hit rate throughout the season. A big part of the lower hit rate is the increased points to hit on some of the bigger games decreasing the accuracy. for 2019 I plan to tweak the algorithm to better account for PPR and depth charts which will help get the hit rate back up!

For my free agency projections I was right on Mark Ingram being a stud in the Baltimore Ravens offense and that Jameis was going to be a Touchdown and Interception machine. I furthermore had Austin Ekeler and Chris Carson highly ranked as mid round Running Backs and they did very well!

My biggest miss was Derick Henry, I gave him a draft grade of D which turned out to be very wrong! I also feel like I was a little bit too high on Davante Adams who struggled to catch touchdown passes for long periods of time.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with my season as an analyst. Everyone misses on some calls and gets some right. I got more right than wrong and ended up winning 1 out of my 4 leagues, with one second place and one third place finish.

With the evaluation in the books, what will happen during the off-season on csd fantasy's platforms? Well I got more content in store for your than ever!

Mondays: Fantasy Breakdown, Scheme Fit and Rankings

I will be posting articles all off season long with different topics. Before the Free Agency it will be Fantasy Breakdowns, how players got their points. Scheme fit articles take over around Free-Agency and the Floor and Ceiling Rankings come in after the Draft.

Wednesdays: Fantasy Rabbit Hole Podcast

The new Podcast airing on YouTube every Wednesday at 9pm. We go down the rabbit hole that is Fantasy Football and focus on what surprised us in the week that was and pre-view the week to come!

Fridays/Saturdays: Video Content on the YouTube Channel

There will be plenty of Video content during the off season. Everything from; 

- Making the Leap analyzing what players will take a huge step forward in fantasy production

- Scheme Fit, analyzing Free Agents in relation to their new team

- NFL Rankings, looking back at NFL History

- Rankings where I use the Floor and Ceiling

- Head-2-Head, where I pin two similar players against each other

- Fantasy Snapshot, a quick 3 minute Video jam packed with info

It will be a great off-season here at csd fantasy and I hope that y'all will enjoy the content as much as I enjoy making it!

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