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Kicker Floor Rankings

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

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Today I am looking at the safest Kickers in the league. I know some leagues don't even play with Kickers, but for the ones that do this is a really good spot to start from. I love playing with Kickers in my fantasy leagues as I do so much more research on them than most people, even in the fantasy industry. This is a huge competitive advantage and has given me a lot of victories in close games.

One Game Floor: New for this year is a tweaked Floor and Ceiling formula so if you are unfamiliar with the new formula please head over to the

Quarterback Rankings

and check out the first couple of paragraphs where I explain it all. In case you are fully aware, stay here. Let's dig in!

Zuerlein has been kicking a$$ the last two years but before that he was pretty much a none-factor in fantasy and that heavily impacts his Floor. I know for a fact that he will be extremely high on the Ceiling rankings next week, but with a few duds even last year he had to land outside the top 10, my formula has no biases.

Jake Elliott just cracks the top 10 and I think that both him and Santos are good options to go for in 2019. You can get both with your last pick of the draft, not that I am of the crop that says that spot should be a Kicker. If you can get a competitive advantage over the rest of the league by going Kicker with your 12th pick I think you should do that. Before that, yes that is a little high but I spiraled away. Santos and Elliott are on strong offenses that will at least score Touchdowns so you can assume they will have a safe Floor with extra points.

It seems to be a cursed position for the Chargers but I actually do like Caleb Strugis. If he can sign with a team that has a strong offense I can see him being viable next year. Next week when I discuss the Ceilings is where his main issues come up, so you will have to roll with a lower Ceiling than the other high Floor guys which is a big issue. But if he's the only one left at the end of your draft, you could do worse, assuming he is on a team.

You actually have to spend a 162nd overall pick to land Gostkowski. That makes him the 6th Kicker overall in ADP right now and the 6th Kicker you have to worry about not getting if you are aiming to get one a bit earlier than the rest of your league.

Before we look at the final four, I would like to give an honorable mention to Ka'imi Fairbairn. He had his breakthrough last year and I kinda think he deserves to be on my list, but as I said earlier, the formula has no bias. That doesn't mean that I don't and Fairbairn had to be mentioned. If we ignore his 2017 and only look at 2018 he would have placed right behind Gostkowski on this list and his Ceiling is darn good too. He is right now going 152nd overall and might be worth a look in shallow leagues at that spot.

The final four are more a final three when you look at it closer. The reason is that Matt Bryant was released by the Atlanta Falcons this off-season and has yet to sign with another team. Depending on where he lands he should be of consideration, if he lands on the Raiders, I am not touching him, if the Cowboys gets rid of Maher and sign Bryant I am all in. It has to be on a team that I view as a strong offense that can get him into position to score points but also to stall a bit and decided to kick. Dallas will most likely amp up that red zone offense from last year, but if they don't the Kicker situation looks great there.

If we remove Bryant from the discussion the Kicker with the most value of these three is Wil Lutz. He has a higher Floor than Butker but is drafted 15 picks after him. Let me make a parallel to Brandon McManus and the last year with Peyton Manning.

You had a Quarterback and offense that could drive the ball into scoring position but well there Manning lacked the arm strength to get them into the end zone. The Broncos offense stalled a bunch in the red zone forcing McManus to kick. So even though the Kicker wasn't the best there were opportunity. I have said that Brees is losing arm strength so I think we can have a similar situation.

I can make the same argument with Aldrick Rosas who I should also give an honorable mention to as he is in the same boat as Fairbairn, with a breakout year in 2018. Manning is also losing power in his arm but Barkley can get Rosas into kicking distance all by himself.

So, you want to win at fantasy football? The key is to know more than your friends and family and this is the right place for it. For an even larger knowledge gap head over to the Fantasy Snapshot Bundle. You'll get video breakdowns of more than 100 players to help you conquer the draft season with ease. We now have an Early Bird Special so be sure to click the link today! ->

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