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Kicker Ceiling Rankings

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, yes, you read that right, this is the second week in a row where I am focusing on Kickers. I don't know how many people gave me flak for ranking Kickers last week. But you know what, I like the position, and if you have Kickers in your league you better be prepared! Today, I will be focusing on the Kickers with the highest one game Ceiling. These are the Kickers that give you the most upside on any given week, they might not be the best for stability but they can legit win your team a week almost by themselves.

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One Game Ceiling: New for this year is a tweaked Floor and Ceiling formula so if you are unfamiliar with the new formula please head over to the Quarterback Rankings and check out the first couple of paragraphs where I explain it all. In case you are fully aware, stay here. Let's dig in!

Brett Maher made the list but I am not even sure he will make the team with the Cowboys. Latest I heard, is that he is far from safe and there will be a competition in training camp. That means that we can spend a bunch of time talking about him and eventually he won’t even be on the roster. That was the case with Dan Bailey last year, he was the go to guy and bam he’s out. If Maher is on the team when the league starts He has a lot of upside with an offense that struggled to get into the end zone last year. I do think they will score a few more touchdowns but that will also increase Maher’s Floor as he will get a few safe points each week.

Wil Lutz disappoints me down here. I talked highly of him last week and I am surprised to see him this low on the Ceiling rankings. I have liked him since he took the starting job in New Orleans but the position is fairly crowded right now. Forbath is not on a team but if he do signs he could be a potential streamer on a week but nothing more than that, you can pick him up during the season if you need a Kicker to play for a week or two.

Badgley is interesting, he had some really great games for the Chargers last year. But as I said last week, the teams seems cursed with Kickers. I like Caleb Sturgis if he can sign with another team, but I could see myself going with Badgley if I don’t want to spend any draft capital on Kicker, as there is plenty of upside with the obvious risk of course.

Finally I get to talk about Ka’imi Fairbairn! He has so much upside and this would be so much higher if my formula didn’t take 2017 into account as well. Fairbairn had a great season last year and yet demands no draft capital at all in 10-12 team leagues. He goes in the 16th round, so you can get whoever you want for all other positions and round your team out with him, or go with Robbie Gould even later than that.

I know that Gould really wanted to leave San Francisco but if we think that offense can be better and get him into range a bit more, he will be a professional and make those kicks. Even if the offense isn’t that much better than last year, he would land you a top 10 finish over the entire season. That is a lot of stability with plenty of upside without having to do too much to get him. I mean you are not spending a 14th round pick on Greg Zuerlein for instance.

Speaking of Greg Zuerlein, he is right now the most expensive Kicker out there and demands the 135th overall pick right now. I don’t know about you but I rather have Keke Coutee on my team than Greg Zuerlein right now. Greg the leg had a great year but that offense had a year for the books, that is usually extremely difficult to replicate, especially if your all-pro Running Back isn’t healthy.

For Butker you at least can wait 10 more picks but he is somewhat in the same boat. His offense produce out of this world, lost their main Running Back and looking to be missing their best Wide Receiver as well. I know Mahomes is a stud and they still have the best Tight End in the league but those type of years are extremely difficult to do back to back. I am thinking about Matt Ryan and the MVP year. The Falcons offense crushed everything then they took a step back the next year for then to be back to producing in 2018. I would like to hold of on Butker and Zuerlein in 2019 and then give them another look for 2020.

I still value Matt Bryant extremely high, I just need him to sign with a team that has a middle to strong offense and I will happily draft him. He has one of the highest Floor/Ceiling combos and have done it year in and year out, there is nothing that worries me about him, expect that the Falcons actually got rid of him.He missed three games in 2018 but he finished out the season from Week 11 and on wards only missing 1 field goal attempt and 1 PAT.

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