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Fantasy Football Draft Analysis 2019

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, draft season is upon and I have an analysis of my first draft here for you today. I don't think I have ever started the season this strong, even with mock drafts I like to get a draft under my belt before I get into my more expensive leagues but this team is fantastic. If you can draft similar to this team, you will be set with a safe Floor, high Upside and plenty of talent to start week in and week out as well as streamers that can be game changers!

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This is a ten team league, standard scoring with 15 rounds of drafting. The most interesting thing about this league is that you don't know you draft spot until two minutes before the draft. This small fact keeps everyone on their toes and you have to be ready for the nr:1 overall pick as well as the last pick. As so happens I got the 8th overall pick which I wasn't too excited for as right now with Zeke and Gordon doing their best Le'Veon Bell impression the players with 1st round grade have gone down quite a lot.

All in all I am extremely satisfied with how my team turned out as some people had very different grades on players then me! If you have remarks about my team please hit me up on twitter @csdfantasy. Let's dig in!

After getting totally emptied out early on I had to go with my second highest graded Receiver with my first pick in Davante Adams. I am still very happy with this pick as I figured that Barkley, Kamara or CMC would make it to 8. I was hoping that DeAndre Hopkins would last but he went 7th overall. As a first pick I am still very excited as he has the second highest Floor for Receivers and a Draft Grade of 8.

In the second round all my Running Back targets went away quick again and I was forced to pick a Receiver again as the value for Running Backs just wasn't there compared to the Receiver position. However, again the guy I was eyeing went one pick ahead of me in Julio Jones. Michael Thomas still has a Draft Grade of A but Jones as Hopkins has A+. Thomas has the 8th highest Floor for Receivers and as I won't be touching Antonio Brown and Julian Edelman is not a top pick this is more or less the 6th best pick here.

In the third round the Running Back value was getting back to levels that I felt comfortable with. Dalvin Cook has a good mix of high Floor, high Ceiling, plenty of opportunity and I was expecting him to be gone 10 picks earlier when I gave him my Draft Grade of C. With that in mind I feel extremely good about this pick. I don't think he will fall this far in many leagues right now, but he wasn't someone that I was targeting.

The same can be said for Kerryon Johnson. I was expecting him to be gone at pick 33 and with a Draft Grade of B I had to pounce on him. He has the 12th highest Floor if we count Kareem Hunt and the two guys holding out. You should not be able to get him this late. With him rounding out my starting four I am extremely happy with how this draft started!

I filled out my starting positions in the next two rounds with grabbing players Phillip Lindsay and Evan Engram. Lindsay should, in my opinion already be gone in the 5th round so he was a no brainer for me. He has a Draft Grade of A if he's pick in the 4th, that means it is even more value in the 5th. The Engram pick is one of my favorites as well, Kittle and Howard, two Tight Ends I was eyeing went around 5-8 picks before this so the position was becoming somewhat thin.

Carson and Kupp ended up being to great of a value to pass on even if they aren't high Ceiling guys. As I move over to draft for more upside they kinda just ended up on my team as I had them going much earlier. This goes against what I preach but you have to be on your toes, when the value is there you have to change what you have planned to get the guys that can potentially be starters week in and week out compared to streamers.

Speaking of streamers, the rest of my team has in my book so much upside that I can barely believe that I got to draft this team! I have been eyeing Robby Anderson, Dante Pettis and Courtland Sutton has low risk high rewards guys and I did not pay any valuable draft capital to get anyone of them.

In hindsight, I saw that I should have gone with Jeffery before Anderson, but the rankings in the Draft Portal had Anderson going before Jeffery so I got worried that someone that was less prepared would grab him. Not my finest moments but it all turned out great.

My league went bananas for Kickers all of a sudden and I know how valuable they can be, with Fairnbairn I feel extremely secure, same can be said with Cousins. I have no problem starting these two all season long. Lastly, I grab the Chiefs as they have the 4th highest Ceiling of DSTs, the more important stat for that position.

Let me know what you think about my team by hitting me up on twitter @csdfantasy. I am super excited about this team and I can tell that the preparation has set me up to be competitive for 2019 as well. With the Draft Guide on YouTube, Rankings here on the website and all other research I knew exactly what to expect from the Draft and how to change tactics when I needed to.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD