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Fantasy Breakdown: Kenny Golladay

Updated: May 28, 2019

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, had some changes done to website so unfortunately some content was lost. This is a replacement for the old breakdown for Kenny Golladay, only thing that has changed is this intro. Let's dig in!

Golladay sees most of his targets to the Short Right but sees plenty of targets to the Deep outside zones with the Left being the dominant Deep zone. I like the Deep target patterns but I am concerned about the short right. Having 30% of your targets to a zones where you gain your fewest yards per catch and have your lowest catch rate in is a very concerning trend.

His catch rate in the Deep outside zones he's right on league average 1 yard above league average in yards per catch you see boom/bust tendencies. Sure, he sees a lot of deep targets and is good at bringing in those targets into catches and yards, but this looks more like the trends of a WR2 than a WR1.

This is not my favorite Receiving Breakdown as the Short Right is the worst zone to have many targets to, there is nothing in his receiving trends to show stability in his scoring.

Golladay had some really good weeks as a WR1 but as I said above, struggles to stay relevant week to week. There is just no stability in his scoring, he relies on those big plays that can bump him up on a random week, but the weeks where he does not gain one or two of these he's not a guy that can give you a reasonable amount of fantasy points.

Golladay's production stays pretty much the same throughout the downs. He stays a bit more quiet in on first downs and then rising slightly. This is the first sign of stability for him, this shows that the Lions do trust him enough to throw to him in any situation. It is not like they only go to him on 1st or 2nd.

The same can be said about his quarter production. He stays stable throughout the games that he plays. So he does not rely on garbage time or goes completely silent in the later stages of the game. These are very good qualities to show, and is a sign of life in my opinion. I like the big play ability of Golladay in general but if you have to spend more than a 6th round pick on him you want stability too.

Golladay scores more at home than he does away, but not by too much. Since he plays in a division that has both the Packers and Bears in it this is very promising. If the trend showed that he was much much better at home (in a dome) it would be two games where he would struggle a ton every year.

He scores more against the 16 worst pass defense and scores way above his average against teams with losing records. This means that he scores less against good teams and especially teams with good defenses. This is concerning, I would have liked to see him step up in difficult games, it would show character and skill.

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