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Off-season 2019

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, another season in the books and another Patriots Super Bowl win, woopdidoo... Now all we can do is wait for the next season to start. Well, that's not true is it? There is so much we can do to prepare for next year. We will evaluate this year that has been, analyze how the new super stars got to where they are, how the new free agents will fit with their new teams and much much more! Let's dig in!

Looking back at the numbers for the season I have some rather sad news, I did roughly 5% worse than last year with my accuracy, getting a 74.9% average hit rate throughout the season. A big part of the lower hit rate is the increase in projections for no name Tight Ends who impact the weekly evaluation heavily. I might decide to lower the amount of players next year to make sure that I spend more time on the players that really matters. Furthermore, I will of course tweak the projection algorithm further to increase the hit rate back to 80% for 2019!

For my free agency projections I was right on Emmanuel Sanders improving with Keenum, Jordy Nelson being an OK fit for Derek Carr, Allen Robinson would be 96.8 with Trubisky and scored 98.3. My biggest miss was Allen Hurns, I thought he would gain around 500 yards as the second Receivers on the Cowboys but he barely got half of that.

My biggest misses of the season was Doug Baldwin and Leonard Fournette due to injuries while my best hits was Nick Chubb, Marlon Mack and Matt Ryan. I warned about drafting Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers and Matthew Stafford which turned out to be the right calls.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with my season as an analyst. Everyone misses on some calls and gets some right. I got more right than wrong and ended up winning 1 out of my 5 leagues. That is my worst season in 4 but I still feel like the season was a success as a whole. I helped people like Gregory and Erin win their championships and that is what matters the most to me!

With the evaluation in the books, what will happen during the off-season on csd fantasy's platforms? Well I got more content in store for your than ever!


- Correlations on the website

This is a five part article series where I look back at how the different position groups have scored their points over the season. What stats have the highest correlations with fantasy scoring. Every year I analyze this to better understand what impacts scoring and adjust the projection algorithm.

- Live Stream on YouTube

When the Correlation series comes to an end the new Live Stream show will start on Tuesdays. The live stream will have different themes every week such as Market Share, Draft Analysis, Draft Tactics, Rankings and Q&A.


- Fantasy Breakdown

An Article series in six parts that focuses on some of the new fantasy stars in the NFL. How did Patrick Mahomes score his points and why was James Conner so successful? I will dig deep into their patterns and trends to understand where they are going.

- Market Share

An Article series to better understand how many throws, carries and targets a player will have in 2019. I look at team trends, player trends and play calling for the player's own team but also all their opponents in 2019.

- Draft Rankings

After the Fantasy Breakdown and Market Share series are done we are back to my classic draft rankings, featuring the floor and ceiling numbers to better plan your draft picks for 2019! This series is a long one from mid April all the way to start of August.


- Fantasy Snapshot Video

A quick two minute Video focusing on a fantasy player. This series gives you the most stats and facts about a player in the shortest amount of time that you can find. To get all these videos (150+) purchase the Fantasy Snapshot Bundle.

- Free Agency Scheme Fit Video​

In this video series I look at the high profile free agents for 2019. I analyze their skills in relation to their new team and coach to better understand how they will perform. New for 2019 is looking at the new coaches and how they fit with their new teams.

- Team Score Projection Video

This is a Video series where I take the relevant fantasy players of a team and project all the useful fantasy numbers for 2019. These Videos have no set schedule as of yet since we don't know how many high profile free agents there will be.

It will be a great off-season here at csd fantasy and I hope that y'all will enjoy the content as much as I enjoy making it!

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