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Fantasy Playoffs Preparation Kickers

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, today I am continuing to give you the best opportunity to win in the fantasy playoffs. But instead of looking at all of Weeks 14-16 I want to make sure that you either make your playoff in the last game or destroy your opponent in round one. This will be done by making sure that you have the absolute best Kicker available.

I have been bombarded with Kicker questions about the best kicker to have in Week 12 and moving forward but I had not plans for focusing on Kickers, I didn't think the demand was there. However, with y'all showing me how much you worry about your Kicker and my own fascination with them I now have a whole article solely dedicated to the best Kickers to have for Week 13. Let's dig in!

There is no question in who you want on your team for Week 13 if he's an option. Greg the Leg's Rams offense is just too good not to want a part of it. If that part is the Kicker then so be it. He is my highest projected Kicker for Week 13 with low risk, high floor, high ceiling and high boom chance. The only things going against him is there is a pretty big chance of busting and his opponent usually limits Kickers to only 5.8 points.

I feel like I should mention the Boom and Bust numbers before moving on though. The numbers represent the chance of a player being below his floor and above his ceiling for this week with a Poisson Distribution as standing ground.

Fairbairn has since early this season been one of my favorite Kickers, his numbers has really impressed me and he has an incredibly fun name to say, Fairnbairn. Anyway, his floor is one of the absolute highest you can find in any Kicker, add a high ceiling and an opponent that give up 8.3 points on average to Kickers and things are looking good for him in Week 13.

Justin Tucker always needs to be in the discussion. His offense can move the ball but with 12 field goals in the last four games I think it is safe to say that they have a tendency to stall and have to kick. Furthermore, when they don't even move the ball Tucker can kick from anywhere.

Speaking of stalling, the Jets Kicker Jason Myers is looking good for an upside play in Week 13. He has no floor whatsoever to talk about. Myers doesn't have too much risk with 51% of reaching his projection but you have to take that 2.8 points into consideration. He is unreliable due to his offense lacking players to get him into field goal range.

In contrast to Myers we have Rosas who has plenty of players to move the ball within field goal range but with a lower ceiling and projection due to him playing against the Washington Redskins. The Redskins give up third least points to Kickers in the entire NFL. I still think Rosas is safer to play while Myers has more upside.

In the same boat as Rosas is Harrison Butker. His offense is jam packed with firepower, almost too much for him. If they had just had settled for field goals one more time per game instead of scoring touchdowns Butker would top this list by far. But with a too good offense against the team that give up second fewest points to Kickers Butker has to be placed sixth on this list.

Janikowski gets most of his projection from playing the Minnsota Vikings, the team that gives up the third most points to Kickers. His numbers are particularly impressive in fantasy this season and I don't feel too good with starting him based on his own showings. But with an offense that is gaining momentum, vs. a team that gives up a lot of points with a high chance of Booming, I am OK with a gamble on him.

Wil Lutz is in the same mold as Harrison Butker. Incredible offense (except against the Cowboys!) that rarely settles for field goals. Add a defense that doesn't let up that many points to Kickers and you have a very volatile situation. I still believe in him but he comes with less upside than a lot of the other Kickers with a below double digit Boom chance.

Bryant and Parkey are fliers with a huge variation. They have pretty high projection, not too high risk but with low floors and not the highest of ceilings. They are Kickers that I am OK with starting if there isn't anything better out there in my league.

ROS Numbers Week 14 and Beyond

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