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Fantasy Playoffs Preparation DST

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, as I promised last week this will be a jam packed article with focus on the DSTs you should be streaming in the fantasy playoffs. Today will be a lot of numbers and stats so I will begin with spending a fair bit explaining how the numbers have been created and exactly what they mean before talking about the different teams. Let's dig in!

The fantasy playoffs are in most leagues Weeks 14-16 but can of course be more or less as well but for the sake of this article let's assume Weeks 14-16. I first wanted to show the scoring in fantasy points but then realized that it differs so much between each league that I focused on Yards, Sacks, Interceptions and Points given up to the opponent.

I have also taken defensive touchdowns, fumble recoveries and kick return scores into account but as those numbers turned out to be less than interesting I decided not to show them in the tables below.

For the yards, I analyzed how many yards per game a team threw for, how many they ran for and put that into relation to how much their opponent have been given up over the year. If the total of these stats exceeded 400 total yards the defense was not to be counted that week. Not many teams are the Buccaneers that will have 500 total yards and no touchdowns.

Sacks are the calculated by looking at the sack production of the defense in relation to how many sacks the opposing Quarterback gives up. So a team that relies on sacks to score fantasy points but play a Quarterback that rather throws it away than goes down will lower on the rankings.

As with the sack, the interceptions was handled the same way. A Quarterback like Dak Prescott who gets sacked a lot but doesn't throw that many interceptions will be a better fit against a team that sacks more than the intercept.

Points are calculated by looking at their scoring patterns over the year and how hot the offense is at this point in time. Again using the Cowboys as an example, their offense is scoring more now than the did earlier in the season so their scoring will be dialed up slightly compared to their yearly average.

Combining all this will give us five DSTs that should be your main priority to have on your roster for each week in the fantasy playoffs.

First up we have the Jets who are playing the Buffalo Bills in Week 14. This caught me off guard as we recently saw the Bills carve up the Jets defense. However, it is a week to week league and I expect their defense to want revenge in this game. Buffalo's offense has been giving up a lot of sacks while not scoring too many points, a good recipe for DST scoring.

A team that sacks even more than the Jets is the Steelers. They are playing the terrible Raiders in Week 14. I expect them to hammer them all game long and can't wait to stream them that week! That can be said about a lot of these teams, even if they are DSTs that rank high for the year, they can still be out there as people tend to forget about the position.

The Jaguars offense looked better against Pittsburgh in Week 11 but they just can't seem to score. Depending on your league settings is this the ideal team to face. If a team's not scoring the points will just stack up. If you take the standard scoring from a DST has to let up 35 points to get -4 points, that means that if the Jags don't do better than 19 the Redskins are a freaking steal to have in this game.

Washington also ranked third in Week 14 and if you look below, I got them second in Week 16. Sure, Alex Smith went down so more will be put on their defense's shoulders but I like what they are doing, and really like who they are playing. I will try to pick them up or make a cheeky trade for them so I have a stud DST to play all playoff long.

Another team that has a great playoff schedule is the Detroit Lions. Playing the Cardinals, Bills and Vikings looks great for them. They currently rank as the 22nd highest scoring DST in the league, that means that no one and I mean no one is playing them at the moment. If you can't get your hands on the Redskins, the Lions are your next best option if you want to secure a DST for the entire playoffs with great match-ups.

The Chicago Bears of course ends with one of the best match-ups in the entire playoffs but there is not chance in h$ll that the owner will let them go or that they are available in your league. Sure they play Kansas City in Week 14, but I'm almost willing to play them there too, depending on the leagues scoring settings of course.

ROS Numbers Week 12 and Beyond

If you are on mobile, go to the tab called ROS Rankings and you will find all the positions.

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