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Draft Analysis 2

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, today I got another Draft Analysis for y'all. I am a little bit more excited about the team I drafted today and will share my thoughts behind my strategy and how I executed it to where I got almost exactly what I wanted.

This was a ten team league, standard scoring with 15 rounds of drafting. I had the second pick of the draft and there was nothing unusual about this draft. Just straight up snake draft with no quirks. As this is a format a lot of people play I like to analyze these drafts. Next week I will do a twelve team league as well and probably a 0.5 PPR as that is my favorite scoring type. Let's dig in!

Ezekiel Elliot has always been the player that I wanted to draft for 2018. He is my highest ranked Running Back and highest ranked player overall. I was so excited when the first pick was Le'Veon Bell that you could have thought that I got him in the second round. Anyway, Elliott is the star of this team and I expect him to carry the bulk of the load and lead me to a championship!

Floor: 10.2 Ceiling: 27.0 Pos. Rank: 1

I was so close to get my third highest ranked Wide Receiver that I could taste him. Michael Thomas had fallen in this draft for a reason I really can't give you. As I have Thomas so high I expected more people to rank him at least top six that when the 18th pick overall came along I thought I could snag him up. However, I got Dalvin Cook instead with the 19th pick and I am very happy with that too. Cook is someone I have been targeting in the late second and love going Running Back Running Back in 2018.

Floor: 7.6 Ceiling: 24.8 Pos. Rank: 6

Mike Evans did not really have any competition at this time of the draft. He was clearly my highest ranked player and I loved picking him in the third round. I have him highly projected for 2018 and expect him to be much better than a lot of other third round picks. If you want my full thoughts on Mike Evans check out Head-2-Head Mike Evans vs. T.Y. Hilton on our YouTube Channel!

Floor: 4.4 Ceiling: 16.5 Pos. Rank: 7

I don't want to say that Robinson was an unplanned pick right here but he ended up being what I wanted to go for. Doug Baldwin was off the board with the pick in front of me and it was really him I wanted and settled for Robinson. Guys that I was picking between was Jarvis Landry, Smith-Schuster and Diggs but Robinson to me had more upside and was somewhat safer. Sure I think most people could make an argument for Diggs in this scenario but Robinson was 21 spots higher on my floor rankings which ended up being the deciding factor.

Floor: 3.2 Ceiling: 18.0 Pos. Rank: 17

Compared to the first draft I analyzed a few days ago I feel much more satisfied with how rounds 5-15 turned out. I got a much better DST in the Arizona Cardinals compared to the Washington Redskins. Drafting DSTs is usually very strange as people have so different preferences. To me it mainly comes down to waiting to at least after round 12 and follow the numbers. Don't try to be smart, just get the DST that gets points.

I got Lamar Miller in a round earlier than yesterday, I did not like the players that where there in the fifth round at all so decided to roll with a guy that will fill out a lot of my rosters when I can't get Derrick Henry. These two are my ideal third Running Back and an OK flex option.

There was no real rush on Tight Ends in this draft but I still feel like I reached for Delanie Walker. I had filled my two starting Running Back spots and Wide Receiver spots while also having a serviceable flex player. This is why I went with my third highest ranked Tight End. I feel extremely confident in my starting lineup and don't see that many teams that can put up a better non-bye week lineup. My depth is somewhat of an issue...

Speaking on depth, in round seven is where I like to start taking players with higher one game ceilings and more risk and as with Tuesday's team I got Brandin Cooks. I followed him with Kerryon Johnson and Marlon Mack, two players that can be lead backs on their respective teams and especially Kerryon has the chance to be a breakout candidate.

Sammy Watkins is another guy with a crazy high one game ceiling while sitting on a low floor. He was too me however worth a shot here. I feel confident in starting Watkins, Cooks or Miller any given week at my flex and that can be decided more based on matchup.

Jamaal Williams is in the same category as Kerryon and Mack. He has the chance to be the lead back in a very productive offense. Very happy with this pick and I am very confident that one of these three will turn out to be great, the other two can be dropped in that case.

Latavius Murray is a handcuff to Cook and I think that he is the best handcuff in the league. I feel confident that he can produce points if Cook should go down.

There are so many Quarterbacks to pick from that if Jimmy Garoppolo does not pan out I can always swap him for anyone on the waiver wire. For instance, Matt Ryan was left on the board and so was Dak Prescott, AKA Quarterbacks that I feel good about starting. However, Garoppolo did show of a very high one game floor last year and that is why I went with him. That floor might even increase with him knowing the offense even better.

All in all I am very happy with this team. Let me know what you think on twitter @csdfantasy

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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