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Kicker Floor Rankings 1-16

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, I hope y'all had an good father's day weekend! I had an amazing time with my family as my fiancee just flew in to spend the summer with me in Sweden.

With all the back and forth regarding my DST rankings from last week, if we even should play with DSTs or not I thought, hey, what annoys people even more than DSTs? Kickers! So today I will be looking at the most stable Kickers to have on your fantasy team in 2018.

If you want a full in-depth guide to the Floor Rankings system check out Tight End Floor Rankings where I explain everything in detail. Let's dig in!

Jake Elliott had an amazing rookie year and definitely deserve to be on this list even if his sample size is on the smaller side. One reason that I am not concerned about his sample size is that he plays for the Eagles. Yes, even as a Cowboys fan I have to admit that their team is really good and will probably be really good again in 2018, especially with Carson Wentz back under Center. This will help Elliott to stay consistent and produce fantasy points for us.

Dan Bailey took a deep dive in the rankings due to last year. He was always extremely accurate and dependable until 2017. Now there is talk that he might never find that confidence again so Bailey. The talk does not impact the rankings but him missing field goals does. Seeing his numbers fall to where he is not longer a top 8 Kicker in the floor rankings is not good and I have a difficult time seeing me draft him in a few weeks.

Matt Prater is very interesting to me. He never shows up in these off-season floor rankings as a guy that you should draft. But he always manages to end up being a top waiver wire pickup or the best streaming option out there after 5-6 weeks. Calling him stable is not what I would do but when he and the Lions finds their rhythm he is very reliable, it is just that you gotta have icy veins to know when that period starts.

Justin Tucker, the leagues most important player according to Dan Hanzus of the Around the NFL Podcast tops the list, tied with Wil Lutz and Matt Bryant, but he has an edge over them when you go deeper into the decimal points. He has a Quarterback that can take them down the field, just not all the way down the field. This impacts Kickers a ton! Think Peyton Manning his last year, he could get them down but not into the end-zone. That is huge for Kickers and especially for one as good as Justin Tucker!

Wil Lutz and Matt Bryant play on extremely high scoring teams which takes them into scoring range on so many occasions that they can't help themselves but to score points. This is a the opposite of Justin Tucker's situation, their teams frequently get into the end-zone but by doing so they secure at least one point for your kicker 3-4 times a game which adds up with a field goal here and there. Extremely safe Kickers can be a great safety net in your fantasy team, do not neglect them!

Lastly, any of these Kickers are a perfect choice for you when you just want to add stability and a good floor to your fantasy team and not have to think too much about the Kicker position. My advice is take one of these guys, sit back and relax. If your league plays with a Kicker the position can't be ignored, how ever much you dislike the position.

I know there was no longer Video last week but instead you got two Fantasy Snapshots. The Snapshot Videos have been received in a great way so they will continue to come every week and the longer Videos will of course come back this weekend!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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