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DST Floor Rankings 15-1

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, have you ever wondered what DST that will never mess your entire week up? Well, if that is the case this article will be exactly what you have been looking for to answer that question.

I know that DST rankings aren’t the sexiest to write about but to me they are a huge part of a winning fantasy team. I never understood the lack of interest in Kickers and DSTs, if you have the best one for the best price you don’t have to worry about them for almost the entire year! On the other hand, if you enjoy streaming them the DST ceiling rankings will be more to your liking later on in the summer.

If you want a full in-depth guide to the Floor Rankings system check out Tight End Floor Rankings where I explain everything in detail. Let's dig in!

These are the bottom DSTs that you would wanna get if you play in deeper leagues. I don’t see any value in drafting any of them as a safe DST in a 10 or 12 team league. These DSTs can have really good games and gain you a ton of points but most weeks they will not have a good impact on your final score.

If I had to draft a DST from this group it would be the Buccaneers or the Packers as they are currently not being drafted so I can get them as my last pick. The other three teams are are still commanding top 170 picks, meaning I can get another Running Back, Wide Receiver or backup Quarterback if I skip them and take the Buccaneers or Packers and have the same floor.

The Cardinals, Seahawks and Titans are right not being drafted so again, they are teams I would like to draft if I need a safe DST that will be solid but never carry or let me down. The Bears are being drafted and since they have a lower floor they would not be the choice in this instant. Again, I want to emphasize that this list is for a safe DST and not for one that has huge peaks and valleys in their scoring.

The Cardinals and Seahawks are my favorite in this group, they have the two highest floors and cost nothing in a draft, that is exactly what you want and I will be looking to grab either of them in a 10-12 team league.

I feel like the Bears hype is a little bit too much right now. Sure they have a good defense, good Running Backs, Allen Robinson and Trubisky but spending a draft pick on their DST is a little bit too much for me with a 2.2 floor. If I want my DST to be safe every week I want them to give me a few more decimal points each week and I don't want to have to spend draft capital on them.

The Chargers and Eagles have been go to DSTs for me for the last two years, people have been sleeping on them as their teams have been lackluster, now with more attention people know how good they are and has thus risen in the ADP. This is what happens though, I had two years of knowing more about their numbers and now with the Eagles recent success and the Chargers defense being hyped I don't see a scenario in which I can pick them up without having to spend too much on them. I will have to see their one game ceilings before deciding if they are worth a non last round draft pick.

The Panthers have a reputation as a great defense so we know that their DST will command a draft pick which leaves the Redskins and the Bengals as my go to DSTs for safe week to week production. Both these two teams are currently not being drafted and have some of the highest one game floors in the league. When building a team I like to mix and match high floors with high ceiling players to not fall into the trap of not scoring enough points or the trap of scoring all my points in one week and nothing the next. So when drafting your team and you start to notice that most of your players are high risk high reward, get a stable DST to at least get some points and give yourself a chance on the bad weeks.

There will be no article on Thursday this week as I am getting my fiancee at the airport before we are spending the summer in Sweden. I will however release a new Fantasy Snapshot tomorrow so there will be new content to consume.

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