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Wide Receiver Floor Rankings 36-19

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, with the draft now concluded we are inching closer to seeing some players on the field, or at least training field for rookie mini-camps. This is a period that I love and also a period that has an incredible amount of content lined up. Since rosters are becoming easier and easier to figure out the Market Share series starts on Thursday with a look at the NFC East.

Today, I am continuing the Wide Receiver Floor Rankings with a look at 36-19. If you missed the last article you can check it out with this link. Next week I'll finish out the WR floors before going deep into the Running Backs.

Quick explanation of the Floor number for anyone that is not familiar with it. The Floor is the least amount of points we can expect from a player when he has his worst game. There is only a 16 % chance that he won't reach this number, so we can be fairly sure to get this amount of points each week. Let’s dig in!

Today we are really seeing a lot of the bigger names enter the rankings but also surprises such as Rishard Matthews and Sterling Shepard. It is no secret that I prefer very safe players that can help me win a lot of games instead of winning me one game by themselves and these are the right guys for it.

The ADP of most of the players on this list will not be too high for you to say hey, it is time I drafted him right now. I want you to remember one thing about them though, these are complementary Receivers, they should not be the star on your fantasy team. Drafting Allen Robinson or Brandin Cooks as your Wide Receiver 1 is not my suggestion but they are perfect as Wide Receiver 2.

I am a little surprised to see Dez Bryant so even make the top 30 on the floor rankings as he has been very dependent on touchdowns throughout his career. He has on the other hand been dropping down the list for a few years now so this might be the last time he even makes the top 40, but we have yet to see where he lands so who knows...

Josh Doctson is a guy that catches my eye. He seems to be a little out of place considering the surrounding players. Doctson's ADP right now is round 12 which for a Receiver with a one game floor as a 4th rounder is interesting. I will monitor him throughout the pre-season and see how he meshes with Alex Smith and how his one game ceiling stacks up against the other 12th rounders, but for now he is intriguing.

Allen Robinson's ADP has been falling for a while now and if that keeps happening to where he is a late 4th or 5th rounder he will be my main target in those rounds. Even with a new Quarterback and the injury I expect him to be somewhat true to his numbers, I mean he has been putting up numbers with Blake Bortles so why not put up 4th round value with Mitch Trubisky? However, if the price is too steep I am not gambling on him, it all comes down to value for the pick when it comes to him.

As with Doctson, if I see any of these players fall in any of my drafts and I need a 3rd Receiver, these will be the players I will look too. However, they will not be the players that I take a shot at in later rounds, for that I want a higher ceiling. The reason behind that is that the guy I am taking a shot at does not matter if he sucks or not because he will most likely be on my bench or dropped if he does not pan out within a few weeks.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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