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Scheme Fit: Tyrod Taylor

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, it has been a crazy couple of weeks, first my computer broke then I got the flu so the content has been lacking and I am sorry about that. I missed the insane start to free agency but I am finally back to analyzing players and especially free agents. Today marks the start of the Scheme Fit series that will analyze how the players that have changed team will fit with their new team mates. Let's dig in!

Tyrod Taylor has some really interesting Passing Patterns. He evenly shares his targets between the short left and right while almost doubling the targets to the deep right compared to the deep left. Usually you see one side being more targeted than the other one throughout the field and not like this. The 1% deep over the middle is something that is a little bit alarming for Tight Ends, especially when you take in the Yards Per Completion into account.

His Completion Percentage is more in line with other Quarterbacks, at least when it comes to spotting a trend. What we see is a more accurate QB when he throws to the left side of the field. This is important to know and to take into account when projecting his Receivers since some line up more on the left side than others and play the field better from that side.

His Yards Per Completion is nothing out of the ordinary. The only notable stat is the deep middle with only 19 YPC, but since he only throws the ball there on 1% of his throws it will not impact his overall production.

I analyzed Taylor's Passing Patterns in connection with what I see as the Browns top 3 targets going into 2018. They fit him decently, nothing too exciting. His Passing Patterns does not line up extremely well with any of the pass catchers but nothing is too terrible either. I will not be drafting any of these 3 in 2018.

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