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Fantasy Breakdown: Dion Lewis

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, I am so sorry for the delay on this article and the lack of Video content again this week. My computer has now official died so I am in the market for one before I can start making Videos again. However, today I have some fantastic content looking at Dion Lewis both as a player that runs the ball but also catches it. This differs from previous players that I have only focused on one aspect, for Running Backs the running patterns and Receivers the receiving patterns. I am very excited to be back again after a few days! Let's dig in!

During his time in New England Dion Lewis had no change in his fantasy production whilst playing on the road compared to at home. This is of course something that can change if he goes to another team that struggles on the road or a team with a less dominant offense. However, he did have differences in his scoring while playing against NFC teams and especially teams that had an above 500 record. Since we do not know where he will end up right now I would take with me the knowledge of him performing worse against above 500 teams while leaving not putting too much emphasize on the other 2 stats.

Lewis was not a guy that wowed me with a huge chunk of games of RB2 or better but he did have 11 usable weeks which is not too bad for a Running Back that was talked very little about heading in to the season last year. I only had him in one league and I was very happy with the production I got for the draft pick I had spent on him. If he goes to a team where he can be the main guy or at least the 2nd man on the raft I would be more than happy to draft him again in 2018 with a 5th round pick in a 10 team league.

What type of team would suite his running style the best then? Well, Lewis carries the ball 37% of his runs to either side of the center while gaining 38% of his yards from those runs. His 2nd most common running lane is outside the left guard with 18% of his runs for 19% of his yards. This information shows us that a team with a good run blocking center and or left guard would be ideal for Lewis. Since this is not a Free Agency Scheme Fit article I will no analyze any teams that would be a good fit but just state that teams with that combo would be the best fit for him.

After analyzing Dion Lewis' receiving patterns I noticed that he had only had 5 targets to the deeper zones over the last 3 years so I decided to cut that out of the analysis since it did not give us an accurate picture of where he mostly catches the ball and how productive he is in those zones. Here instead I have focused on the 3 short zones where we can see that again his tendencies have leaned to the left side of the field. He has mostly carried the ball outside the left tackle and caught the ball in the short left zone. With 50% of all targets going to the left and when you combine all running lanes to the left he gets 40% of all runs going that way it is safe to say that he has done most of his work on the left side of the field. Quarterbacks that prefer the left side of the field are for instance Aaron Rodgers 37%, Philip Rivers 35% and Deshaun Watson 34% while Flacco with 16% and Bradford with 24% would be less then perfect.

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