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Score Projection and Risk Analysis Super Bowl: DFS Special

Hello Fantasy Faithfuls, I honestly can't believe that we will have another Patriots Super Bowl, it is not that I dislike the Patriots but I like some variety, how do you feel, are you sick and tired of the same team from the AFC every year or OK with it? Let me know on twitter @csdfantasy. Okay, enough complaining about the Patriots, time to get excited about the Super Bowl so I have put together a Video for you below with a Fantasy Breakdown of the game and another DFS team for you. Let's dig in!

For a third time in a row, I am starting Tom Brady. He keeps delivering good fantasy games and as I said in the first post with him as the Quarterback, the playoffs is where he lives, sorry Nick Foles.

Have a look at the Video above and you know how I feel about Ajayi, Jeffery, Lewis and the Eagles defense. I am still starting a couple of them but mostly due to the lack of competition. For instance, I am not too comfortable starting Jeffery but his value and numbers are better is slightly better than Cooks and the other guys.

James White, on the other hand, intrigues me. His Projection is in a good spot for what I am paying for him and he showed up as the third best Point per Dollar player (if you ignore the Risk that is) after Brady and Ajayi.

Chris Hogan is a little bit on the expensive side but his Projection is as high as any of the other top receivers in the game and his Risk is a little lower so I made sure to get him in my line-up.

I am expecting Gronkowski to start even with the concussion, I don't see him missing this game, and if he plays he should be started in your fantasy line-up.

I tried not to put all my eggs in the Patriots basket cause it is still the Super Bowl and anything can happen so I managed to squeeze in Jake Elliott and the Eagles DST as my last two starts. I, of course, did not choose them solely on the fact that they aren't Patriots but they had amazing value and have had amazing value all year around. When it comes to the DST I have it as a toss-up, the Patriots defense is not as good of a fantasy Defense as the Eagles while the Patriots offense might score a bunch so I went with the better fantasy Defense.

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