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About CSD Fantasy

My name is Carl Svensson Dunger or CSD for short. I come from Sweden but I live in Atlanta, GA.

I have been following Football for years and find it very interesting, not only fun. Having a degree in Finance which include statistics and statistical analysis and with the interested in a sport that is consumed by statistics, it was natural to get into fantasy football.


This site has some elements of Moneyball to it and looks to reap the same rewards in fantasy football as in real baseball. Knowing the standard deviation for a player's performance or if 40 yard dash time transfers to production for tight ends will give us an edge in picking our best line up on a weekly basis or in fantasy drafts.


Thank you, Kya for all your support and encouragement!

If you are looking for reliable projections based on statistics and analytics, not on gut and feeling this is the place for you! My projections focus on statistical theory and will give you an edge when you set your own rankings before your fantasy draft this season and every week.


When looking at my projections you won’t only get my thoughts on where the player should be ranked but also how you should look at him! Do you need a quarterback with stable stats and a running back with high-risk high reward? I will give you the answers.


July 2016 - goes live


February 2017 - CSD Fantasy joins YouTube






CSD Fantasy are proud to be working with Live 4 Sport Network! Their site is our favorite place to discuss fantasy football online. Check out their forums, podcasts and much more

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About CSD

About CSD Fantasy

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